Sunday, December 13, 2015

Watch where you put your feet...

I always climb through the attics. This area of a home is rarely accessed and therefore deserves proper attention. The first thing a home inspector should do when climbing into the attic is knock. It is considered rude to any ghostly guest who may inhabit the space to climb up uninvited.*

Once in the attic, you want to pay close attention to where you step. The bottom chord of the truss, often a 2x4, is the best place to stand but is generally covered with insulation. I tend to use the tension web (braces) when I can. If you misplace your foot - you can fall through the ceiling. This is considered to not be a good thing and should be avoided.


There are many components inspected in the attic. I often find that the insulation is deficient in areas. Here in Tallahassee we are in climate zone 2. It is recommended that 10-12 inches of blown insulation be applied to create an R value of 38. More is always good. Your Blue Bear Tallahassee Home Inspector measures the insulation and includes pictures in your report. Areas which are lacking are pictured and included as well when applicable.

I do not recommend you climb in the attic. Leave this to the home inspectors and paranormal. Give me a call if you have any questions or want me to climb in your attic and peek around!

*Disclaimer - your Blue Bear Tallahassee Home Inspector does not inspect for ghosts.

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