Monday, November 2, 2015

Water: A Home's Greatest Enemy

Water does terrible things to a home if not controlled. From roof covering material, slope, gutters, drains, and ground slope, the design and functionality of many of your home's components has one main objective - shed water.

Often it is the little things that do minor amounts of damage overtime which cause the greatest damage over the long haul. These are usually chronic issues which can be mitigated, with a little know-how (and probably a ladder too). The best offense is a good defense! Here are a couple  concerns to keep a keen eye out for:

Leaves on the roof:

Big problem when they are captured in a valley. Leaves hold moisture and prevent the roofing material from drying well. Remember - moisture (water) is the enemy.

Poor roof drainage: 

Next time it rains (and is not lightning), go outside and take a look at where the water is going? Do the downspouts shed the water away from the home? Does the flower bed next to the home hold water? Where is the water going? The water should move away from the home!

There are many other areas to observe such as the roofing material, flashing, crickets, chase covers, chimneys, attic, and crawlspaces. These areas and others are better suited for your local Blue Bear Home Inspector to inspect on your behalf. Remember, water is good for you, good for the fish, and good for the plants - but it is a home's greatest enemy.

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